Measure what you see...

Introducing the world’s first GNSS RTK rover with visual positioning technology.

The Leica GS18 I integrates GNSS technology,  an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a camera to enable you to measure what you see. Capture everything once and overcome obstacles with visual positioning technology.

Imaging power

Imagine the power to measure places you couldn’t reach before, capture image groups from a safe distance or measure public areas without any need to close them.

Save time by capturing the whole site and measuring what you need, when you need it. Document every detail and never miss a thing.

There’s no need to hold the pole vertical or measure with the tip thanks to the addition of a camera and IMU.

Want to know some features?


  • Capture hundreds of points with 60 seconds of imaging
  • 1.2 MP camera with 60-80° field of view
  • Create point clouds from an image group with Leica Infinity software


  • Video-enhanced measuring system
  • Tracks movement of the GS18 I
  • Tracks positioning relative to previous images


  • Increased measurement productivity and traceability
  • Calibration-free and immune to magnetic disturbances
  • Integrated quality assurance of pole tilt
  • Reduction of human error


  • 55 channels for more signals, faster acquisition and improved sensitivity
  • Intelligent management of multi-frequency, multi-constellation signals
  • Intelligent selection to automatically reject reflected or noisy signals


  • Achieve centimetre accurate positioning worldwide
  • No RTK base station or RTK network required, correction data is continuously transmitted by satellite delivering global coverage
  • Bridging RTK outages for uninterrupted centimetre positioning


  • Unique RTK technology provides continuous checks to guarantee correct results
  • Initialisation within seconds
  • Complete reliability


  • IP66 / IP68 protection
  • Built for extreme temperatures of -40°C to +65°C
  • Fulfills toughest standards throughout the complete product lifetime


  • HxGN SmartNet Satellite Positioning – your No.1 partner for network RTK
  • Leica Active Assist – the next level in support
  • Leica Exchange – transfer data easily, quickly and safely
Leica GS18 I CS20

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Take your complete office on the go when you have the power to overcome any environment from the palm of your hand.

The Leica CS20 controller and Leica CS35 tablet deliver the ultimate in control and accessibility with total mobility.

Touchscreen technology allows for easy and fast data processing while an impressive 3D view transforms your GNSS experience.

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