Handheld multi-frequency underground service locator

The Leica DD100 Series Cable Locators feature advanced automatic controls making the DD100 Series easy-to-use, requiring minimal user experience.

Avoiding underground cables and pipes is a major concern on construction sites. Therefore, detecting the position of buried cables and pipes before excavation work can help prevent operator injury, asset damage risks and any subsequent costs. Use the DD100 Series cable locators in conjunction with a DA220 or DA230 signal transmitter and/or the Digisystem accessories to achieve improved accuracy and application scope.

Want to know a few features?

Leica DD120 Cable Locator

Automatic pinpointing

Power, radio, auto-modes

Transmitter, 33 kHz, 8 kHz

Depth detection up to 3 metres (10 feet)

Good-to-Go™ health check and start up test

IP54 rating – protection from dust and water

1 year warranty

Leica DD130 Cable Locator

Signal current measurement

Increased depth detection up to 10 m (33 feet)

Extended trace range with additional 512 Hz, 640 Hz frequencies

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Unmatched ease of use

With Automatic Pinpointing there is no need for you to manually adjust the sensitivity of your Digicat cable locator ensuring you’re using the optimum sensitivity for the environment you are detecting the underground utilities in.

Reducing the likelihood of human error and enabling easier and more efficient cable and pipe locating. Ultimately saving you time and money.

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