3D imaging on the go

The Leica BLK2GO reality capture solution empowers users to document and capture their environments in real-time 3D. The wireless and lightweight BLK2GO is the scanning solution for professionals without the limitations of traditional scanners.


Scan with no interruptions. Obtain digital reality capture of your surroundings in real time.


Scan around objects, rooms, stairways, doors and corners with ease.


Leave the tripod behind and scan anywhere and everywhere with the wireless, lightweight BLK2GO.

Improving workflow and efficiency

A powerful combination of speed, ease of use and automated software makes the Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanning solution suitable for a wide range of applications from construction and plant safety to crime and crash scene investigation.

Robust, compact, agile and with data verification built in, you can depend upon this innovative solution to enhance your workflow and get the job done quicker.

Want to know a few features?


High-speed 3D laser scanner with integrated HDR spherical imaging system and Visual Inertial System (VIS) for real time registration


Automatic point cloud alignment based on real time tracking of scanner movement between setups based on Visual Inertial System (VIS) by video-enhanced inertial measurement unit


Video enhanced inertial measuring system to track movement of the scanner position relative to the previous setup in real time

Leica BLK2GO
Leica BLK2GO


< 2 min for complete full dome scan and spherical HDR image at 6mm @ 10m resolution


High-speed, high dynamic time of flight enhanced by Waveform Digitizing (WFD) technology


Touch-screen control with finger touch, full color WVGA graphic display 480 x 800 pixels

For the full Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner Datasheet click the button below

Leica Cyclone 3DR

As part of the RTC360 solution, the Cyclone FIELD 360 app links the 3D data acquisition in the field with the laser scanner and data registration in the office with Cyclone REGISTER 360.

On-site the user can automatically capture, register and examine scan and image data. The user interface combines easy handling of complex calculations with a graphical user guidance that offers a remarkable user experience.

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