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The world in which we live in, both natural and man-made,  is constantly changing. Dams and buildings settle, bridges move and flex, rock mass can shift, volcanoes explode and glaciers drift. This may be caused by human intervention such as construction or mining or by natural actions such as erosion or climate change.

When monitoring this type of change, engineering contractors and companies are faced with increasing challenges. They are being held responsible and accountable for the condition of the structures they maintain. Engineers require the ability to measure movements of structures to millimetre accuracy levels. The Leica Geosystems Nova TM50 Monitoring Total Station is the perfect instrument which produces the results monitoring engineers deserve and expect.

Image assistance

The Leica Nova TM50 includes a telescopic camera with autofocus and magnification. High quality live video streaming is delivered using the latest in image handling technology. The imaging capabilities of the Nova TM50 create new possibilities within this total station in a huge range of applications.

Continuous operation

The Leica Nova TM50 meets the challenge of 24 hours, 7 days a week monitoring applications. It is designed to withstand the roughest use in the most sever environments and will operate throughout a wide temperature range and is protected against wind-driven rain, sand and dust.

Complete integration

The Leica Nova TM50 forms one component of a unique monitoring solution which seamlessly integrates total stations, GNSS receivers and antennas, geotechnical sensors, software and IT communication infrastructures. Leica GeoMoS software provides a flexible automatic deformation monitoring system.

Want to know a few features?


  • 0.5″ angular accuracy
  • 0.6 mm +1 ppm distance accuracy
  • 0.5″ Automatic Aiming (ATR) accuracy and 3 km range


  • Automatic capturing of panoramic images
  • 30x magnification of high resolution images and fine aiming
  • Automatic focus


  • Wireless LAN
  • USB port
  • Bluetooth®, RS232


  • -20°C to +50°C operating temperature
  • IP65 protection against wind, rain and dust


  • Best-in-class speed and acceleration
  • Zero noise pollution
  • Maximum service intervals


  • External power supply
  • Internal battery charging

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Leica GeoMoS: Facilitating important decision-making

Leica GeoMoS software provides a highly flexible automatic deformation monitoring system that is able to combine geodetic, geotechnical and meteorological sensors to match the needs of your monitoring project, whether it is large or small, temporary or permanent.

With the addition of the GeoMoS Web service, visualisation and analysis of monitoring data can be performed anywhere and anytime using a web browser, mobile phone or tablet. Make important decisions with Leica GeoMoS.

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