Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital Laser Receiver

The Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital Laser Receiver with digital readout gives solutions for interior applications as well as high accuracy general construction projects. The Rod Eye 160 is accurate to half millimetre accuracy and has strobe rejection and captures digitally for useful readings. It is built to an extremely high standard and is suited to work with all Leica Rugby lasers especially the new Rugby 800 series.


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Features and benefits:

The large numbers are clear and easy to read, so you can stay on grade. The 21 step arrow displays provide a graduated reference as you lock on the laser beam.
Two, large graphic displays on the front and back of the receiver.
Three bright LED’s can be used as a ready reference for the receiver position.
The capture button allows the user to store and display a measurement.
Menu Function with additional options are available to set your functional preferences.
Level Vial ensures good alignment and improves your reading accuracy.
The extra long reception window includes the unique technology that provides the accurate digital input.
Four audio settings. Up to 110 decibels for noisy jobs.
Digital information is displayed above and below grade in mm, cm, inches, fractions of inches and feet.
An optional rugged rod clamp ensures solid mounting to the grade rod. The circular level vial aids to keep your grade rod plumb.
Protective Overmold protects the receiver from drops in tough jobsite conditions.


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