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To meet the demands of our ever-changing and increasingly-quicker world, Leica Geosystems developed the world’s first MultiStation, combining all available measurement technologies into one superior instrument. Now, they’ve made that instrument even smarter.

The Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation is the world’s first self-learning MultiStation, automatically and continuously adapting to any environment, despite any challenges. Scanning with the Leica Nova MS60 has been made simpler through the instant creation of point clouds with overlaid measured points and 3D models in one view. Visualisations are clearer and easier to see on an all-new 5” screen.

Dynamic lock

The new Dynamic Lock functionality has greatly improved the lock-on capability of ATRplus in the Nova MS60 MultiStation.

Get better performance with the larger search area for locking onto a moving target. The MultiStation can be used in standard surveying or high-dynamic machine control applications.

Want to know a few features?


  • 3D data capture by precise long-range scanning (up to 1,000 m)
  • 30,000 points per second scanning
  • Millimetre scan precision
  • GNSS connectivity
  • AutoHeight for quicker set-up


  • Automatically and continuously adapts for best measurement performance to site conditions such as rain, fog, sun, heat shimmer, dust and reflections
  • Identifies and ignores irrelevant targets


  • Automated target aiming range up to 1,500 m
  • Automated target locking range up to 1,000 m
  • Accelerated target search with PowerSearch
  • Robust and highly accurate position delivery in high dynamic applications


  • Single EDM for highest accuracy and wide range at the same time
  • Visible measurement beam of small spot size
  • Measurement range on any surface beyond 2,000 m


  • 5 megapixel telescope and overview camera
  • Video frame rate of up to 20 Hz onboard and remote
  • Automatic focusing

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Engaging software anywhere

The Leica MS60 MultiStation solution works with the revolutionary Leica Captivate software, turning complex data into the most realistic and workable 3D models. With easy-to-use apps and familiar touch technology, all forms of measured and design data can be viewed in all dimensions.

Captivate spans industries and applications with little more than a simple swipe.

Infinite possibilities

While Leica Captivate captures and models data in the field, Leica Infinity processes the information back in the office. A smooth data transfer ensures the project stays on track.

Captivate and Infinity work in conjunction to join previous survey data and edit projects faster and more efficiently.

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