Leica Lino ML180 Line Laser

The Leica Lino ML180 Line Laser is a 90° is a reliable and precise cross line laser level. It has 4 laser lines, 4 cross points and a plumb down point that is conveniently set to the outside of the tool for easy access. The ML180 features electronic self leveling and remote adjustment of +/- 4 degrees using the laser receiver as a remote control.


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Package includes:

  • Leica Lino ML180 Line Laser
  • Leica XCR Catch with Clamp
  • 3 x AA Batteries for Laser Receiver
  • Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack
  • International Charging Device with 4 Plugs
  • Battery Holder for Alkaline Batteries
  • Large Red Target Plate
  • Small Red Target Plate
  • Red Laser Glasses


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Leica Lino ML180 Line Laser User Manual