Leica Lino L6R 3×360° red Multi Line Laser

The Leica Lino L6R is a self-leveling red multi line laser with 360° laser line projection for multi-directional alignment—perfect for indoor applications. The laser’s vertical lines are easily adjusted (± 10°) once the plumb point is set.

  • Horizontal and two vertical 360° red laser lines
  • High visibility due to red Ultra-power laser diodes
  • Self-levelling over wide range
  • Fixed plumb point due to integrated base
  • Adjustable strength of laser lines
  • Operating range of up to 25 metres
  • Li-Ion power for up to 36 h operation
  • Uninterrupted working with Triple-Power concept
  • Smart magnetic adapters for easy positioning


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Package includes:

  • Leica Lino L6R
  • Twist 250 magnetic adapter
  • UAL 130 Wall mount adapter
  • Li-Ion battery pack
  • Charger for Li-Ion battery pack
  • Battery tray for Alkaline
  • Target plate
  • Quick start guide
  • Calibration Certificate Blue
  • Hard case


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Leica Lino L6R Datasheet