Work SMART with the Leica DD220 SMART Utility Locator

The new Leica DD220 SMART Utility Locator is an easy to use, intuitive locator simplifying the detection of buried utilities and increasing user confidence.

With automated pinpointing technology and a clear visible display, the Leica DD220 discovers buried utilities with confidence, even in densely packed areas. On-board video support, usage alerts and diagnostics, combine to improve product use and, protect operators and utilities.

Save time and improve productivity

The Leica DD220 Utility Locator is designed with the latest Bluetooth® technology, providing a wireless connection to mobile devices and fields controllers. Connect and download data stored in the DD SMART utility locators’ internal memory, including GPS positioning, and transfer back to the office.

USB connectivity provides a convenient connection to DX Office Shield software for data download, analysis and product maintenance. Leica DD SMART utility locators and DX Shield software provide a true single-source solution for all your field activities.

Want to know a few features?

SMART technology, GPS, Bluetooth®, 8GB internal memory

Power, radio, auto-modes

Transmitter modes, 131 kHz, 33 kHz, 8 kHz or Auto (automatic detection of the transmitter signal)

Depth detection up to 7 metres (23 feet)

Good-to-Go™ Health Check and Start-Up test

On-board video user guides

IP66 rating – protection from dust and water

Web Calibration Verification

3 year warranty

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Streamline with DX Shield software

For professionals looking to streamline utility locating operations, the Leica DD SMART utility locators create a single source solution. DX Shield software provides a space for utility analysis and a convenient connection between SMART locators to increase productivity and save time.

DX Shield software allows you to gain a better understanding of task performance and site complexities with easy-to-use reports that provide a fast and convenient overview of product use, reducing utility strikes and saving direct repair costs and project downtime.

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