Leica AP20 AutoPole

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The Leica AP20 AutoPole is a unique smart solution for our automated total stations that boosts on-site productivity.

The easy-to-use AP20 gives you the flexibility to work faster on any site – adjust the pole height without needing to record your changes and measure hard to reach points with a tilted pole. The Leica AP20 also ensures search and lock to your target only, crucial on a busy site. Accelerate your work on-site, save time in the office and make fewer mistakes with the Leica AP20.

Save time and eliminate mistakes that result from both height reading and manual input into the application software. Whenever the pole height changes, the automatic PoleHeight function will update the height settings to ensure reliable and accurate measurements

Tilt Compensation
Increase productivity and efficiency with tilt compensation that eliminates the necessity to level the pole. Measure inaccessible points, conveniently increase your overall measurement output and ensure highest job standards by verified compensation of the tilted pole alignment.

Be unstoppable with the TargetID feature! Automatic target search, identification and locking prevents measurements to foreign targets and avoids interruptions that can occur on a busy, multi-crew construction or measurement site.

Leica AP20 AutoPole is the only smart system on the market that solves three common workflow problems surveying and construction professionals face daily:

  • entering the pole height manually into the field software
  • having to level the pole
  • accidentally locking to a foreign target at a busy site

The AP20 helps users work more efficiently, trust the data they gather and increase productivity overall. The result is faster completion of projects while maintaining high quality standards.