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Introducing the Leica Aibot Aerial Data Capture Platform, the total UAV solution for mapping, construction and surveying that enables fast and flexible data collection. An easy workflow integrated into the Leica Geosystems ecosystem guides you through your project life-cycle, providing you with quick access to critical information to perform your everyday tasks.

Intelligent information

for intelligent decision making

and intelligent workflows

The Leica Aibot Aerial Data Capture Platform is a complete solution that supports planning, capturing, processing and analysis of millions of data points with visualisation of the data providing both accurate and actionable information that represents reality and aids decision-making.

UAV technology supplements existing survey equipment such as TPS, GPS and laser scanning to provide a complete view of the project site.

Taking only minutes to map a site makes the Leica Aibot a cost-effective and time-saving solution while keeping colleagues at a safe distance and bringing the surveying tasks straight from the field and into the office.

Easy set-up and flight planning helps record data autonomously according to planned waypoints, generating precise orthophotos, point clouds and 3D models. The built-in Leica Geosystems GNSS technology geo-references data for most accurate surveying and mapping.

The Leica Aibot is fully integrated into the powerful Leica Infinity workflow, guiding you smoothly throughout the entire project lifecycle.













Leica Aibot AX20

Highest flying performance and safety


The Leica Aibot Aerial Data Capture Platform is designed for professional industry applications. The modular design makes this system easy to set up and ready to use in just minutes. The Leica AX20 includes intelligent data asset management and trusted Leica Geosystems GNSS technology for highly accurate data. The platform can be completed with various sensor payloads.

Sony Alpha A7R Mark II

With high resolution, sensitivity and readout speed, this 42.4-megapixel CMOS sensor enhances light collection efficiency while minimising image noise to reveal fine details in every picture and is the preferred sensor for high resolution imagery to achieve the highest density point clouds.

Sony Alpha A6300

This APS-C mirrorless camera takes autofocusing (AF), imaging speed and performance to new heights and delivers images with less noise within a wide sensitivity range and is the preferred choice for entry level UAV capture projects that don’t require the highest density of point clouds.

Leica Aibot SX: The surveying solution

The Leica Aibot SX solution brings improvements to the surveying industry by capturing data faster to generate accurate orthophotos, 3D models and point clouds in high density.

Leica Aibot SX improves efficiency:

  • Faster completion of projects thanks to lesser set-ups
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Brings survey from the site to the office
  • Captures and stores information of a place at a specific time

Leica Aibot CX: The construction solution

The Leica Aibot CX solution allows the capture of accurate data to monitor and survey the construction site and gives a clear and up-to-date view over site progress and earthmovings.

Leica Aibot CX improves performance:

  • Current data of sites used as basis for progress reporting, stockpile management and more
  • Centimetre accuracy data to trust
  • Enhanced safety with remote data capture
  • Share one data set with all stakeholders

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