Drager Saver PP15 15 Minute Escape Set

In emergency situations when the air is filled with smoke or toxic fumes and rapid escape is the only option, the Dräger Saver PP15 Escape Set activates automatically to supply a continuous feed of compressed air.



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The Dräger PP15 is designed for use by trained personnel to provide additional time to escape safely with a 15 minute supply of consistent air flow until the cylinder is fully empty. The unit can be reset after a false alarm and the cylinder is easily refilled without specialist tools.

This escape set features a Panorama Nova full face mask with low exhalation resistance and excellent peripheral vision. The elastic head harness can be easily fitted in an emergency and keeps the mask securely in place.

The soft bag can be mounted to the wall in areas of potential hazard and the bright orange bag has reflective strips and photoluminescent panels to provide enhanced visibility, even with limited lighting.

The Dräger PP15 is compact and lightweight so that it can be worn either over the shoulder or across the chest.


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