Drager Saver CF10 10 Minute Escape Set

The Dräger Saver CF10 10 Minute Escape Set allows for safe and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments where the maximum levels of protection are needed. It is equipped with a hood which means it can be easily worn by any user in an emergency and the integrated neck collar ensures a tight seal preventing ingress of any harmful gases or smoke into the hood.



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This emergency escape breathing apparatus is equipped with a hood designed for use by virtually anyone, even those who are relatively untrained or people with facial hair or spectacles.

With its soft bag construction, the CF10 can be mounted to the wall in strategic places of potential hazard. The bright orange bag features photoluminescent panels and reflective strips for enhanced visibility, even with limited lighting.

Compact and lightweight, the bag can be worn over the shoulder or chest and provides a consistent airflow until the cylinder is fully empty, with an alarm whistle sounding before this happens.


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